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This Pro Photographer Just Switched To Sony And She Has Big Plans For Her New Camera

Laura BC (@laurabccom) is a Spanish photographer who left her country over 10 years ago to pursue her dreams in the creative industry in London. Despite arriving knowing no one and unable to speak English, she kept grinding for several years until she found success as a freelance photographer and creative director. She then started a YouTube Channel to help other creators advance in the industry. “Since I became a content creator, I needed a good camera for not only photography, but for video as well. I was ready to move on from my Canon cameras, and I wanted to improve.” She tested the waters with the Sony Alpha 7C and, after being impressed with its capabilities, decided to upgrade to the Sony Alpha 7R V. The lightweight design and tech she found in the camera have her making big future plans for her work, and she created the video below explaining more about her reasons for the switch. We connected with her to learn more about her work, why she’s decided to move on from her Canon gear to join the Sony community, and her plans for the future with her Sony Alpha.

After 14 years with Canon, photographer, vlogger and creative director Laura BC wanted to improve. She made the switch to Sony and hasn’t looked back.

When New Ideas Lead To New Camera Gear

Because Laura struggled at the beginning of her career, she came up with the idea to create a YouTube Channel that would help other creators through those struggles. Since video creation became a large part of her daily work, she needed a different camera that could suit her needs as a hybrid shooter. While switching to Sony was a massive step and investment for Laura, she knew it was the right one for her for a variety of reasons. 

“I used to use the Canon 5D MKIV for photography, and then when I wanted to start doing video, I wanted to be able to do it with the same camera,” she explains. “If I want to go hiking or traveling while taking photos and videos, I need one camera to do both. The reason I didn't look into the Canon R5 or R6 was because they had too much wobble, which was very inconvenient for vlogging. I can tell right away if someone is using a Canon to make video because of the wobble. It distracts the audience way too much. That’s one reason why I chose the Sony Alpha 7R V, because I can get good quality photos and videos.”

She also notes how much smaller her kit will be, not only because of the smaller size of the camera itself, but the wide variety in the Sony lens lineup. “I would have to use this adapter with many of my Canon lenses and it just added to my kit and made it bulkier. If I wanted proper lenses for my Canon they were just so expensive and there weren’t many options. Sony is doing it right with their options and I see how Sony is encouraging creators to grow. For a company to do that is super nice. It’s not all about ‘buying all of our stuff,’ it’s about community and I really see that with Sony.”

Big Future Plans For Her Sony Alpha

When Laura received her new Sony Alpha 7R V in the mail, the second she picked it up she said she got even more excited. “I'm so used to the Canon 5D Mark IV, which is so heavy and so big, that when I took the Sony, I couldn’t believe how light and small this little machine was. I'm going to be able to create better content, better photos, and I'm very excited about that because the resolution is insane. The difference between the megapixels in this and my Canon is going to be massive.”

While in London, the majority of Laura’s work is focused on portrait photography and creating videos for YouTube. She pairs her Sony Alpha 7R V with the Sony 24-105mm f/4 G lens to make her new go-to combination for both. She has major plans for this new setup that extend far beyond portraiture and talking head videos. “I’m very excited,” she says, “because now that I have this whole Sony system I want to take it with me as I’m starting to travel again. I also want to do sports photography and with Sony it's going to be amazing because I can crop a lot as well with that resolution. I want to keep doing wildlife photography, which I love. And then, during my solo travels I want to be able to mix my channel with good photos while also getting cinematic footage of myself explaining how I took them.”

I’m very happy because the Sony gear is way lighter and smaller. Since I solo travel, I obviously record on my own. I have to carry a tripod and have everything in my bag. Sony is going to be perfect because with this camera, I'm going to be able to do everything. I don't have to be switching cameras or lenses or things like that. It's just one camera to do everything, photography and video. So I'm looking forward to it.”

See more of Laura BC’s and follow her journey on Instagram @laurabccom and her YouTube Channel.


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