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How To Turn The Sony Alpha 6700 Into A Cinema Rig

Sony Artisan and YouTuber Miguel Quiles calls the new Sony Alpha 6700 one of the most exciting cameras that he’s recently used at his studio. “The Reader’s Digest version here is that this little camera can shoot 4K up to 120 frames per second with 4:2:2 10-bit color for under $1500,” he explains. “The majority of the content that I’ve ever made on YouTube was actually shot on an APS-C Sony camera, and with the high-end video features, the compact size and amazing value of the Alpha 6700, it makes it a great choice.” In this video, Quiles shares some ideas to turn your Sony Alpha 6700 into a cinema rig. Watch below as he breaks down the setup. For more videos like this one, check out the Sony Alpha Universe YouTube Channel.

Product Preview – In This Article You’ll Find:
Sony Alpha 6700
Sony 16-55mm f/2.8 G

There are many Sony lenses Quiles has to choose from that he could pair with his Sony Alpha 6700. In this case, he chooses the Sony 16-55mm f/2.8 G lens. “It’s super versatile, lightweight and makes for a great run-and-gun setup.”

For this particular rig, Quiles is also using a handle made by Kondor Blue that connects to the hot shoe with a NATO rail adapter. “If you keep the camera setup itself light, it works great. But if you want to strengthen the setup a little bit more in the event that you’re maybe using heavier lenses or something like that, SmallRig has camera cages available for the camera that allow you to connect the handle to that instead.”

On top of the Kondor Blue handle, Quiles is using an Atomos Ninja V with a cage. “I mostly use this to monitor footage but if your workflow supports it, you can just record your footage to the Ninja V if you need more storage for those long filming days. I have the monitor connected to the camera via full-size to micro HDMI cable, and for the cable management I have some Mondo clips from Kondor Blue. They help to make sure the cables aren’t sticking out and getting in the way.”

On the back of the monitor Quiles points out a dummy battery that is connected to a SmallRig V Mount battery. He has this battery powering the camera and the monitor togethers. “They come in different sizes,” he says, “and allow you to connect several different types of cables to it. But I opted for the smaller battery just to keep the overall weight of the setup as low as possible.” He has that battery attached to the rails with a SmallRig V mount adapter. The rails are made out of strong and lightweight carbon fiber, and those go through a base plate made by Kondor Blue. Quiles also includes a Kondor Blue dovetail plate below that so he can easily release the camera rig from the tripod. 

Moving to the front end of the camera, Quiles has a SmallRig matte box. “This one lets me attach a 100x100mm filter to control exposure in bright situations or even add some creative effects to the video.” Underneath the lens Quiles also has a SmallRig lens support to help strengthen the support of the lens with the matte box and filters attached.

For more videos like this one, check out the Sony Alpha Universe YouTube Channel.


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