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From Beginner To Pro: Sony Shooters & YouTubers For Every Skill Level

YouTube serves as an invaluable platform for expanding your knowledge and skills within the vibrant photographic community. Numerous channels are dedicated to delivering content tailored to photographers and filmmakers, making it a fantastic resource for fresh ideas and enhancing your visual creations. In this compilation, we've curated a selection of five talented Sony photographers who consistently produce exceptional content on their YouTube channels. Take a moment to explore their videos below, and don't forget to hit that subscribe button for a weekly dose of inspiration. If you're hungry for even more educational and motivational content, make sure you subscribe to the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel.

Colt Kirwan

Colt Kirwan is a filmmaker and YouTuber based in New York. His YouTube channel offers photography and filmmaking information as well as a glimpse into Colt’s daily life. Colt shoots with the Sony Alpha 7S III, Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master, Sony 11mm f/1.8 and the Sony ECM-B10. In this video, Colt breaks down the basics of photography, covering the essentials you need to understand when you get your first camera. He does a fantastic job breaking down the technical considerations of photography.

Ryan Kao

Ryan Kao is a Portland-based cinematographer with a YouTube Channel made for other filmmakers and creatives. He gives great advice for other creatives in his informational videos including everything from how to create compelling Instagram content, to which gear to use, to behind-the-scenes of his cinematic shoots. He typically shoots with the Sony Alpha 7S III and Sony Alpha 7 III but in the video below, he’s shooting his first scripted narrative project. For this project, he used the Sony ZV-E1 and rigged it up to be a full cinema camera. Take a look at the behind the scenes vlog to learn more!

Grace Wells

Grace Wells has become popular on TikTok and YouTube for creating fake ads. Grace will often make an ad for a general household item or product. In the video below, she’s making a fake commercial for a paperclip and she walks through the whole thing, from idea to editing. It’s so fun to hear her full process for creating these commercials. It’s a great way to understand how she tells stories in such a short period of time. She shot this commercial with the Sony Alpha 7 III along with the Sony 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens and the Sony 50mm f/2.8 Macro lens. For more funny and creative projects, be sure to subscribe to her channel. You can also learn more about her journey HERE.

Pierre T. Lambert

Pierre T. Lambert is a passionate photographer and filmmaker who travels the world, capturing the stories that unfold right in front of his eyes. He inspires others to pursue their own photography and adventure-based dreams through his YouTube channel. His channel is a must-watch for anyone passionate about street photography. Lambert’s go-to gear setup is the Sony Alpha 1 with a G Master lens. In the video below, he uses that camera with the Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master. Check out his videos to be inspired.

Mark Bone

Mark Bone is a film director from Toronto, Canada. Through Youtube, he shares his experience on how to make better films. He adds new videos every week, showing behind the scenes looking at filmmaking and sharing his new work. His work is visually stunning and he has strong storytelling skills - and we love that he shares his knowledge through these videos. Mark typically shoots with the Sony FX6, Sony FX3 and Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master. For some unusual advice, take a look at the video below.


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