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"I wanted to convey the message that we are more than the broad stereotypes and assumptions that exist."
"The honor I have now for being female is felt deep in my soul and within my whole existence. I anticipate these images to be cinematic and to have a deep connection to Mother Earth, represented through varied landscapes."
"“The main goal is to keep the story authentic and natural to help transport viewers into the perspective of what it is like to be on the receiving end of this incredible organization.”"
"“I am photographing and recording the process of transforming five everyday objects into creative expressions,” she says. “I will play with the perceptions of the objects. I will explore them beyond reality, look for relationships between them and other everyday things, and, most importantly, customize the objects to match the theme of the atmosphere of the work.”"
"The 1920s has so many iconic influences,” she says, “and is associated with many of my favorite sources of inspiration: independent women, glamour, fashion, whimsy, theater, and my hometown, St. Louis, Missouri. When the 2020’s rolled around I could not have been more excited. I wanted to link the 1920’s and 2020’s by stamping the theme of women empowerment onto this decade."
"I felt like their stories needed to be told and I wanted to be their voice. Even if it's just through a simple photograph, I felt that we need to embrace our wrinkles and our age as the years made us who we are today."
"Through this film, I not only want to raise awareness for the lack of gender diversity behind the Broadway stage, but also inspire young women to pursue a career in the arts as a creative by showing the groundbreaking work done by women today.'"
"There was a lot of self-love learning and inspiration happening during these photoshoots that I believe will help continue to transform the lives of these youth for years to come."
"I love using eye-catching imagery of animals that are often feared to tell their intricate life stories & show beauty that you must slow down to see. "
"My photography draws inspiration from my personal experiences of constantly not fitting in and my personal journey to realizing, I need not try to fit in."
"I found that creating has become a way for me to cultivate peace and channel my thoughts into something positive."
"Women in the video industry suffer from a huge gender gap. I want to change that, and make the industry more equal and representative."
"I specialize in staging conceptual narratives to examine complexities between joy and struggle. "
"I want to be able to inspire people to take self-portraits as a means to provide therapeutic release of feelings during these challenging times. "
"Life along the 7 line in Queens is adapting to the new normal while retaining its charm and keeping its locals safe and connected to their homeland and values. "
"The idea for this project is to showcase moms metaphorically and literally under weather while still maintaining normal life when there are no sick days."
"I want to inspire other women and minorities to enter the amazing world of wildlife photography. Although I find it challenging, it's immensely rewarding. "
"The power of documentary filmmaking is having the ability to give a voice to people who don’t always have one."
"Whenever I want to show an action, I set the set, wait for the morning light and create movement with it."
"In a confounding world it's refreshing to rediscover that we are not the largest animal on the planet, nor the strongest, nor the fastest, nor the most beautiful, necessarily. "
"By increasing the visibility of independent, fearless women through this project, I hope to inspire more women to write their own story."
"As a traveling visual storyteller who specializes in digital media, my work is largely centered around cultural diversity and inclusion."
"We all have different facets of ourselves, and I think that showing it through three images is a great way to present it. "


Sony Alpha Female provides a platform for photographers and videographers to share their stories and inspire the world with their creativity, passion, and drive. We aim to make the world a more equal, more representative, and more open place. With you by our side, there’s nothing holding us back.

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